two three product review

Two Three Active is a new range of active wear aimed to celebrate REAL WOMEN's bodies as it should be! Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or looking to start your fitness journey, your clothes should not look the way you feel.

The brand was launched in 2018 by sisters Stefanie and Naomie White after realising there was a lack in the market for appropriate (non see through) sportswear within the UK. So if you're looking for durable AND fashionable Leggings, Sports Bras and Tank Tops at affordable prices you're in the right place!

Having overcome their personal fitness struggles both sisters strongly believe in practising & maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Two Three Active promises to encourage women to workout together and support one another along their journeys. Because we are all on different paths but together the mission can be much more fun!

So, it’s time to throw away those old tees and say hello to your new T.T.A gear. Welcome to the squad #TWOTHREEARMY

Meet the owners

Stefanie: ( Two )

It's bad enough I have Hypothyroidism, now I'm hitting 30!! This is some of the thoughts that run through my mind as I feel like I've about had enough at the gym. I was very active growing up I did Ballet, Gymnastics, Tap, Contemporary and Street dancing but have always been slim thick.

Fast forward to today, slim thick has now been represented and honoured as sexy & the likes of curvy women (Ashley Graham and Rihanna) owning their curves and giving the ideal skinny a massive middle finger.

I have come to terms I cannot change my shape or body but I can look good with it; so I have requested fitness gear as presents (cause buying myself leggings for £30 hurts more than a workout)  and stopped using my gym pass as a coaster. Now i'm glad I started my journey when I did. Even though I may not be where I want to be, I will NOT go back to where I started. #Strongerthanyesterday





Naomie: ( Three )

I've always suffered with my weight growing up and used to chase the idea of being slim. I started my fitness & better health journey over 7 years ago and used it as a form of therapy. I soon began to love the skin that I am in and accept who I was, whilst working on who I am built to be.

Along the way I learnt about different exercises & techniques that would help me reach my goals, and quickly fell in love with weightlifting. I realise now that we are all different! and the fun part about keeping active is finding out what works best for you.

I have managed to shape and tone my body to a point where I feel i’m at my most confident. The girl I was before doubted herself daily. The girl who I am today is womanly, is strong and honestly I can’t wait for the woman I am yet to be! I'm Thick, i'm FIT and i'm loving it!