Yaaaas Queen 👸🏽

We are deep into summer and I'm starting to run out of clothes that hides my unwanted rolls, and everyday I'm dreading what to wear in this scorching heat 😢
So i go to instagram to get some inspiration, and my timeline is filled with fat free 'perfect' bodies... que the inner voice of doubt whilst i begin to sink in to my cave of self hate.
I continue to scroll my feed and FINALLY appears the body positive divas i follow such as @tabriamajors , @iskra , @stefania_model , @bodyposipanda , @scarrednotscared ; this gives me the boost i neeeded.
Although i would love to lose some excess fat, but i shouldn't belittle the journey i have started and because i am not at my goal as of yet. And start to embracing that extra jiggle when i walk, and so what if i have cellulite, i am alive and as healthy as i can be.  My body does not control my mind.
From now on i'm saying good bye to Negative Nancy and will be incorporating the below tips, I have read/ listened too, into my life; so whenever i look into the mirror i will only be screaming YAAAAS QUEEN!

Stop blaming your body for the bad things in your life.

  It's not your body's fault. Instead say, "Thank you, body, for being with me on this journey."

Stop waiting to reach your goal to enjoy your body.

Your life is happening now. You can choose to hate yourself or love yourself. Choose love.

Stop thinking you don't matter because of the size your body.

Life is far too hard as it is without you being at war with yourself. When we get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.

Dress the Body You Have Now

Do you still have that swimsuit you wore when you were a size four, hoping to fit into it again? Do you have those slim pants you wore back in college hanging on a rack in your closet, thinking maybe, just maybe they’ll be on your body again someday?
If these clothes are hanging around as constant reminders, then it’s time to ditch them. Dress the body you have now, not the body you had then.

Stop comparing

Try to notice when you compare yourself to others and make a note of when you compare, who you compare yourself to, and what you say to yourself when it happens. Is it fair? Is it realistic? What effect does it have on how you feel about yourself? What can you say that may be more helpful?

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