Will You be my......

So it's less than a week away and weather you decided to hit the town Sex and the City style, or you prefer something a bit more 50 Shades? Either way you spend it you can't help but dodge the Valentine Jones.

Will you be my Galentine....

Yet again another year single, and like clock work without fail The Notebook and Pretty Woman is on TV. The only great thing about this day is the cheap alcohol deals 😉. 

As you sit with your face mask on drinking from the bottle, you decided some music should cheer you up.

You skip past #edshereen we found love, and #whitneyhouston I will always love you; until you get that bitter taste of #lemonade, and realise it time to get your girls in #formation and enjoy those cheap meal deals and booze #whatslovegottodowithit ?

So you call all the #singleladies including #beckywiththegoodhair, get your glam on and hit the town.

This year you decided no more will you sit at home and feel sorry for yourself, from now one you will become that #maneater Hall and Oates sings about, cause this #girlisonfire and hunny there is nothing wrong with #dancingonmyown.

Nobody puts baby in the corner!!!

Will you be my Valentine.....

As you and #babylove sit across from one another in the candle light, sipping on some Champange, you can't help but giggle to yourself as you cannot wait to go #50shadesdarker .

You have worn the perfect outfit sweet with a touch of sassy looking #dangerouslyinlove For later you hope you new TWO THREE lace bralette doesn't get ripped whilst being torn off. As you can 100% guarantee you will both enjoy the #rollercoasteroflove and awake with a #lovehangover in the #morning .

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