What's Your Fit?

Whether you enjoy doing yoga or love to hit the road for a 5mile run we all prefer different styles of leggings. But one woman’s print dream might be another’s Capri-cut nightmare. 

Here is a low down on all things leggings, but ultimately you want to rock a pair of leggings that make you feel happy and confident.

High waist

If you want extra support and don't want to worry about anything hanging out, then high waist leggings are for you
With extra tummy control that helps flatten and support your abs It keeps everything nice and tucked in from spinning class to yoga. Because high-waisted leggings allow the cropped top and leggings combo to shine, without an additional cover-up they’re often the most fun to style as a set—matching or otherwise.


As the weather warms up, there is nothing like a cropped pants to let your legs breathe a little. And some people feel like they can perform better in shorter styles


Prints make working out a bit more fun and allow you to express yourself. Patterns can be surprisingly flattering and are crazy trendy right now, Some of the best include camouflage, animal prints, snakeskin, and loud, wild prints.

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