What on your Gym playlist?

We all know the feeling when you get to gym and realise you forgot you headphones.....
Now people may say it minor, and you going to the gym not the club! But there are so many benfits listening to music whilst working out has.

You Work Harder

Feel an extra pep in your step when your favourite tune comes on? There’s a reason for that: Music influences you to run farther, bike longer, swim faster etc – often without you even realizing it.

It Becomes Fun

A killer playlist can transform your workout from mundane to something you actually look forward to.

Reduces Pain

In a 2013 a study from McGill University, researchers wrote: “Music listening reportedly lowers requirements for opiate drugs in postoperative pain.” While music isn’t a substitute for medication to manage chronic pain, it may distract you from normal aches or pains during exercise.

Naturally Boost Happiness

Music naturally boosts dopamine, the neurotransmitter that drives your brain’s reward system. Listening to music during a workout can give you a hit of dopamine – resulting in feelings of well-being. At the same time, exercise boosts serotonin (a mood-boosting neurotransmitter) so the combination will do wonders for your happy hormones 
Now you're clued up on this new found knowledge, follow TTA Spotify playlist to switch up from your regular playlist, or even add some new tunes.


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