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The past few weeks our CEO @_nwlondon tried @laurenalexa_fitness 6 weeks Diet plan. Although I attempted to follow along, unfortunately I just had one of those months 🙈
However keep reading for her review.
Week 1
I’m so excited to start this plan, it has been a long time since I have really found something and stuck with it! When Lauren Alexa posts all her client results it gets me amped up even more! Everyone seems to be losing a stone in weight at minimum (which is my overall goal!) I promise myself that I’m going to stick to this plan as best as I can! Open my palette to new foods and use positive alternatives when I can. No more biscuits! And NO MORE sauces!
Week 2
Okay so I did REALLY well in week 1, my favourite meal of the week was the Chicken Wrap which was surprisingly tasty and I lost 4lbs in weight! I started week 2 pretty well, until I felt those PMS cramps coming along! From Wednesday onwards, I COULD NOT STOP SNACKING! I stuck to the plan as much as I could, minus anything with Kale in it, but those biscuits kept creeping up in-between my meals! Oops.   
Week 3
It has been a really bad week for me. Even though the menu actually looks quite appealing this week, I couldn’t bring myself to actually eating Mackerel again. I can’t remember the last time I ate mackerel, although it’s really tasty, sometimes the smell completely puts me off!
I think I hit my breaking point this week. After my cheat meal on Friday, my eating just continued to spiral downward throughout the weekend. And to think this all started from my PMS!
Week 4
Okay no excuses now, my hormones are back to normal. I’ve had a few cheeky cheat meals and I want to get back on track! I’m honestly sooo happy to see more eggs on the menu this week! I know it’s a bit late but I’ve actually been eating more of the fish dishes instead of substituting them, this could probably have a negative effect on my weight loss over the 6 weeks. I wish I was stricter with the plan in terms of the meals, but I HAVE not been snacking other than what is specified.
If I could even lose 7lbs throughout this 6 week journey I would be ecstatic! But for now I’m happy I’m eating better in general and this journey has opened my eyes to different food options!
Week 5
Still staying away from the scales! BUT I’m going on Holiday this week so I really want to try and stick to the plan as much as I can. Not that I’m going to go crazy with my eating whilst I’m away, but I do want to be able to enjoy a guilt free burger as I lay out in the Sun knowing that I done well this week!
I must admit that I have has a cheeky snack in the forms of a croissant and a Twix chocolate bar already but it’s okay! I’ve been pretty on point with my lunches, switching them around with dinners, to better suit my busy schedule.
Week 6
So now that I have finished the 6 weeks, I must say that I feel a little more toned. I measured myself with a tape measure and I have lost half an inch off my hips and arms. And 1 inch off my waist, although the scales show that I have remained the same since my 4lbs drop in week 1. I’m quite happy I participated in this programme, it has opened up my palette to different types of meals to get me through the day. I think I’m going to loosely keep up with the meal plan for another 6 weeks. Not trying to focus too much on the scales but more on how I feel! and so far I feel amazing!
Thank you Lauren Alexa xxx
Please remember to stay hydrated not only on a daily, but especially if you are completing a detox or a healthy eating plan.
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