We Tried It - Mulled Wine

Tis The Season to be jolly!!!
As we fastly approach Christmas and enter further into winter, usually this time of year my favourite tradition is going to Winter Wonderland, in Hyde Park London, where I would buy a Bratwurst Sausage and Mulled Wine whilst enjoying the Holiday spirts.
Unfortunately with the current world pandemic my yearly tradition has been cancelled!!
So being the wine connoisseur that I am (I wish lol) and to cheer myself, whilst saving some coins, (I mean £6 per small cup.. Girl Bye!), I tried my hand at making my own Mulled Wine.
It was so good I will definitely be making a batch for the family on Christmas.
Keep reading for full recipe.


Start by slicing you fruit ready to simmer in the winery goodness 


Add all ingredients to the pot over medium to high heat, but do allow to let boil.


After simmering for a minimum of 15 mon pour into a class and add the additional garnish as desired, and Enjoy!



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