We tried it- Thai Peanut Chicken Buddha Bowl


Stef's in the Kitchen again...
As previously stated the one benefits of being apart of lockdown, is having more time to experiment and try new and exciting dishes.
I'm the area I live it is very hard to find Thai restaurants, one of my fave cuisine of choice, so I decided to log onto my fave app, Pinterest, to research healthy Thai dishes and after hours of scrolling, I stumbled upon a Thai Peanut Chicken Buddha Bowl.

Now I used a pre-made Peanut sauce by Blue Dragon, however, you can easily make your own peanut sauce with a few simple ingredients.
To get started first you should make your Wok or Pan really hot and then add oil. once the Wok/Pan is hot add the chicken too and cook until desired readiness
Add the garlic, onions and ginger and cook until you can smell the aroma
Add the vegetables and heat until desired readiness the stir in the peanut sauce and heat through.


Now I brought a store made mixed salad that included White and red cabbage, carrots, mixed leaves and red pepper, and boiled mangetout peas, but you can easily create your own salad base.
Instead of Quinoa, I brought a Feekah, Quinoa and Spelt Mix which gave the salad a nice boost. But the great thing about a buddha bowl is you can mix and match vegetables to suit your required taste.

Once the Quinoa mix, mangetout and chicken had done cooking I added both to the salad ready to serve for the perfect healthy filling meal.


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