We Tried It - Mexican style rice with Lamb Mince

Wednesday 28th was National Stop Food Waste Day, and this got me thinking about the amount of food I waste regularly because I simply get lazy and do not think of a creative new dish from my left overs in the fridge.
Like everyone over the past year I have binged watched Netflix and all the other streaming services, but one show that really amazed me was the Netflix original series Best Leftovers Ever!. The show consists of several home cooks who must compete to transform leftovers into delicious creations, finding ways to give old leftovers new life, all in the hopes of winning a cash prize. 

Although I have not turned a hamburger and chips into sautéed beef with a creamy potato gratin (honestly they be doing this) , I have definitely created an amazing one pot (or pan) dish meal that can be created from simple leftover ingredients and cooked all under 15 min.

Earlier during the week I made two separate dishes and had both lamb mince and rice left over. Now I could have simply made chilli con carne but I thought I would challenge my creative juices.
Now after endless searching online, looking at what I had in my cupboards and my slight craving for Mexican food boom my Spicy Mexican style rice with Lamb  mice was born.

Start by putting the rice in the pan to heat then add the tomato puree and mix. Once the puree is evenly distributed add the sweetcorn, kidney beans and if you wanted to add additional herbs and spices (garlic, onions, chilli flakes etc). Allow to cook for a few minutes until warm then add the mince.

Continue to stir until mince is warm and mixed within the rice, now you can serve but if want to kick it up a notch add cheese of your choice and continue to cook until melted.

 Have any exciting leftover dishes you would love to share, leave your recipes in the comments.

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