We Tried It- Healthier Sweet and Sour Chicken

So I will admit I fall into the type of 'chef'. If it's simple and I can make it in 15 min meal kind of girl, and I find myself buy the same products and making the same meal.
Being single and living alone I find myself making food that's enough for dinner with leftovers for lunch, and I do not over complicate my meals.
One of my pacts to myself this year is to spend a bit more time in my kitchen and make enjoyable exciting meals, you know to get out of my comfort zone.
So the first thing I did was browse my cupboards and pulled a bunch of ingredients then headed over to Pinterest to see what kind of meal I can rummage up, and boom there it was a Healthier Sweet and sour chicken.
This meal was so simple to make and really didn’t take a lot of time (well longer than my usual 15min), and not only was it delicious, if I’m honest kind of gave my usual Chinese spot a run for the money, it’s affordable and to be honest you will probably have most of the ingredients already, and can be easily paired with any other dish, i.e rice, noodles, vegetables.
Check out my handy work, and I have also provided the link where you can have a go yourself. Oh, and if you think yours looks better than mine, I dare you to share your pics.
If you have any recipes that you would love to share with us on our community, comment and share the link to the recipe below.


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  • Looks very professional and tasty. I will try it myself


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