We Tried it - Garlic Butter Chicken Bites with Lemon Asparagus

One of the good things about being in lockdown is having the chance to enhance my cooking skills by trying new and exciting recipes.
I'm bored of making the same go-to recipes, so I did the usual google search and typed in my main ingredient, Chicken, and searched for new and exciting meals to make. And this dish not only looked amazingly delicious and flavoursome but it only takes 30 min to cook.
This will now definitely be another recipe to add to my recipe bank.
Full recipe below 

Most of the ingredients you will already have available, I used garlic paste as I did not have minced garlic, but it did not compromise the flavour.

After cooking the chicken and removing from the pan you will then add the chicken stock and the other ingredients veg to simmer.

Add the chicken then continue to cook until hot, serve then  WALAH


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