We Tried It - Firecracker Salmon

Hey Hey Hey, it's your self proclaimed, try other people recipes Chef Stef!
Now this week to honour International Hot & Spicy Day this Saturday 16th January, I though I try my hand at this Asian inspired dish, Firecracker salmon. What made this dish even better was that it is ready to serve in under 30min (minus the overnight prep), and requires minimal ingredients.
For full ingredients and instructions card keep scrolling.

Now if you are not a spice lover such as myself, and Lemon and Herb is the hottest you can take your Nando's (no shade), then you can always substitute he hot chilli sauce.
To ensure you get the fullest of flavours it is best to marinate the salmon fillets overnight, but if you are pressed for time then no less then 2 hours.

You have options on how you would like to cook the meal, you can either pan sear the fillets first then transfer to the oven (my way), or bake in the oven.

Once the fillets are cooked, you can always add additional sauce on top and garnish with spring onions.



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