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Inhale peace, exhale and release.

I'm going to put my hands up and say that I have always wanted to try a Bikram Yoga class, but the thought of being in a stuffy room, sweating profusely has always scared me off.

However this year I made it my mission to work on opening my hip flexors, take up a new hobby and tone up my arms, so Yoga it is! I was recently introduced to a company called Fierce Grace (West), by a close friend who often takes classes there. The brand is worldwide and can be found in cities like New York and Italy. Luckily there was a location local to me SO instantly I was SOLD! I thought if she has survived then maybe I can get through this too. Plus a good steam in the sauna is usually pretty good for sweating off the water weight so why not. 

What was the class like?

HOT! Lol to say the least. Although my friend said that this was the hottest class that she experienced. So maybe they just wanted to give me a warm welcome. Although the class was hot, every 15 mins or so the instructor (Sam) would open the doors to allow a quick blast of A/C to flow through, the shock it gave your body was absolutely blissful.

The poses surprisingly were not too hard. Sam was so clear in her directions and offered different levels for beginners and intermediate using a few yoga accessories. I also mentioned that I had a previous knee injury and the instructor was so attentive to me. It felt great!


Would you go again?

YES! Honestly it’s a great experience for anyone, especially if your looking to get into yoga. As someone who has quite stiff hips, the heat of the room and the clear guidance really helped soothe my joints, allowing me not to feel as much pain and just focus on my breathing. 

Like most people I also get really tense shoulders from sitting at my desk on the computer. When I entered the class I could feel every muscle in my neck. When I left the class, my spine felt relaxed, my muscles felt soothed. It honestly left me feeling like a new person. All my stress was left in that classroom. And for the last 70 minutes I didn’t think about anything else but myself and my breathing. At the end of the class we were left to just lay where and how our body felt comfortable and just meditate which is a great practice for people who often deal with anxiety or depression.


How were the leggings?

Honestly my leggings fit like a glove! I almost forgot they were there. I was completely drenched with sweat so absolutely no patches were showing and more importantly you couldn’t see my underwear through them. 

They stayed in place on my waist and kept my tummy supported through breathing excercises.

It was a little risky wearing ICE White Leggings to a yoga session, however surprisingly they weren’t dirty on the outside. Only on the inside from the oils of my skin. But as soon as I washed them the bright white came straight back! 



  • Don’t forget your water. I think I drank about half a litre in the one class, if not more. If you can add Ice in your bottle even better!
  • Eat 1 hour before class. I strongly advise even lining your stomach with a small meal before class. Otherwise you could feel a little faint.
  • Bring your own shower towel! I brought my own but I’m pretty sure I over heard the receptionist charging a classmate for towel rentals.
  • Bring yoga mat towel. They have mats available for free however you get so sweaty that an additional towel is perfect for extra grip!
  • Arrive 15 mins before. The class room is pretty big but I advise arriving a little early so you can set up & get comfortable.
  • Just relax! Don’t be worried if there’s a move that you can’t do. The teacher will have variations for most positions. Listen to your body and let the heat warm up your joints.
  • Showers Available. There is a shower & Changing room, although its pretty small definitely needed after a session.


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