We Tried It - Sausage Egg McMuffin #fail

So i am once again in the kitchen trying out new recipes. Some turn out a hit, and i cant wait to share with you. Others not so much. LOL
So not only will i now be sharing my success meals, i will be also showing my #failed attempts.
I have never had a McDonalds breakfast, as when I hear those words this is not something that pops to mind before 11 am, but I know many people rave on about their breakfasts.
During lock-down i have often done the same standard easy breakfast, but this time i wanted to try something new. So as i always i asses my ingredients and look for new ideas, and the one that popped up the most was Sausage Egg McMuffin.
Now i have reduced the amount of carbs i eat so i chose the Paleo recipe. Please note you will require additional equipment, but the inner chef in me said don't worry if i have don't the tools i can do this regardless. 

I looked at recipes that suggested ideas on how to produce the same result  without the biscuit cutters, by controlling the way the egg spreads using a spatula, and lets just say, it didn't turn out like the pictures LOL.

Despite not have all the equipment i felt this was a good first attempt, and although it was not picture perfect it did not compromise on taste, so i will differently be trying this one again, but next time with the right tools. all follow the exact below instructions... I'll keep you posted

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