We Tried It - Egg Fried Rice

Hi Its Stefanie here, back in the kitchen!
As you are aware I am turning my culinary skills up a gear, especially as I have have more time during the local restrictions, to fully explore and try cooking different dishes than my usual go-tos. 
If you are like me and want to create a quick simple dish that bursts with flavour, then you are in the right place.
This time I tried my hand in cooking another one of my favourite cuisines' staple dishes.... Egg Fried Rice.
It perfect to pair with any dish, and takes less than 15 min!
It is said it best to use day old rice, so you will need to prep the rice the day before ready to add.
Keep reading for full recipe.

This simple dish requires 5 key ingredients, Egg, Spring Onion, Sugar, Soy Sauce and Rice.

Once you have cracked the eggs and have started to scramble add the rice.

Add the Soy Sauce, Sugar and half the spring onions, and continue to stir.

Once cooked serve and garnish with the remaining spring onion.

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