We tried It! 3 day Detox

#Wetriedit is the segment were we try different diets and fitness regimes so you our cadets can have an honest review before you go trying it for yourselves!
For our first #wetriedit we followed SkinnyMs three day cleanse and detox, and lost a whopping 10lbs between us.
This three day cleanse and detox is designed to kickstart a healthy eating plan and cleanse your system. Keep reading to find out how we did, and link to the detox if you fancy trying it for yourself.


Day 1
So i was nervous yet excited to get started.
It took me quite a while to drink the lemon and ginger detox drink, as my eyes had barely open let alone my taste buds have woken up. For my first meal i had the coconut milk smoothie, and for lunch as i don't eat tomato or avocado (unless it guacamole) so i had chick pea and cucumber salad (not as appetising as it sounds). For my 2nd snack i the green bean and zucchini salad, and omg this is the best thing i've eaten all day. By dinner i was so over cucumber and excited for the vegetable soup which i made a large batch to last the 3 days (look at me meal prepping).
Day 2
Despite going to bed feeling empty i woke up feeling ok and i even down the bitter detox drink. i added ice to my smoothie this time hoping that it will be more filling due to me eating my 8 Almonds early (yes i said 8... who counts the amount of nuts you eat, this is crazy talk). It actually worked i managed to save my nuts to eat with my veg snack bowl. The rest of the day looked like hungry Lunch hungry Pee for the 50000th time today Hungry OMG 2nd snack i will savour this taste forever hungry Hmmm hot water (veg soup), Tea Sleep. 
Day 3
I wake up shouting "Why did i do this to myself, and how can anyone eat the same meal 3 days straight" I am so over this detox and quite frankly i have been considering long and hard  all day to have a biscuit at midnight (don't worry i didn't)
To be honest i did feel de bloated and cleansed from all the sweets i had consumed the weeks prior to starting the detox, and glad i did it. It was just what my body needed.
However i do not want to see another cucumber ever again!


Day 1
Lemon and ginger first thing in the morning is actually quite refreshing.
I decided to workout today as I still have some energy, but after today i will see how it goes.
I’ve made a huge batch of the vegetable soup to last me for the 3 day, iv’e never put beans in my soup before so I’m quite excited to try it.
Day 2
Theres no other way to describe how I felt about today than ‘I’M JUST OVER IT!”
I Literally had a headache all day, and I strongly believe its due to the fact that I haven’t eaten anything solid for over 24 hours. I’m used to the meals at this point, the Mean green smoothie is the only thing that excites me today. To be honest I don’t even want to eat anymore and I don’t know how i’m going to find the strength to do another day of this. Really Really tempted to give in.
Day 3
So after day 2 I definitely don’t think its wise for me to work out whilst doing this detox. I honestly feel really weak and low in energy.
I’m kinda used to the food by now, it doesn’t really bother me although I do miss chewing real food.
It’s been a challenging 3 days and I’m really proud of myself, for getting through it. I will definitely say that some of the recipes i will incorporate into my everyday life for example:
Tomato, Cucumber & Avocado Salad - Very tasty, as a side salad! If i had a piece of chicken it would be even better!
Mean Green Smoothie - Quite spicy and refreshing, will definitely swap this for my usual breakfast options. who knew Papaya was so delicious.
Full detox recipe is located on Skinnyms.com

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