5 tips to neaten your Wardrobe


The ultimate plan to get you organised this year

As the winter months roll by and Spring arrives we become to realise that there just isn't enough space for all those chunky knits. Not to mention the space that's going to be filled by our Two Three Active new arrivals!

We know the struggle. So we have come up with 5 hacks to help you re-design, well re-organise your wardrobe if you wish, to make way for all those treats you have saved on your wish lists. 

1. Hanging compartments  

Save space and save your items, don't be afraid to fold an item or Two! In these hanging rails your items will look super cute and just as organised. When selecting your key pieces for the season, think of those heavier yet delicate items that will actually be better off folded to save their form.  Take our READY Vest Top for instance. It's lightweight fabric and strappy detailed back makes it more vulnerable to getting tangled on the hanger. So do her a favour and fold her up!

wardrobe hanging compartments-TWO THREE BLOG

2. External rails

We all love a good basic legging like our 'CROSS' Leggings, and if your like us then you will probably have one in every colour. What we love most about this style is that it can be worn all year round; great for your wallet but troublesome for your wardrobe space. So why not expand your wardrobe like a blogger and invest in an external rail. The great thing about these is that it allows you to keep your go to items out within reach. Grab your Leggings and go!

bedroom hanging rails-TWO THREE BLOG

 3. Colour Co-ordinate

Our colour edit. Think to yourself.. "If i went to the shops today would I buy this item?" We promise it works! Edit your wardrobe by colour and eliminate those items that are not within season. Great items like our 'ENERGY' High waist leggings, simply just look better when paired next to your favourite simple tank top or 'RACE' Racerback Sports Bra and there you have it!, a multi optional outfit within the same colour group. 

wardrobe organised by colour-TWO THREE BLOG

4. Insert Draws Here...

A Wardrobe with drawer compartments can be extremely handy for some of those fold up items you may have such as your trousers and Towels. It can also be a great hack to tuck away your little accessories that you may use throughout the season. Whether it's a drawer or a shelf with storage boxes, it's a perfect way to tuck in your loose bits like our Gym Towels. Genius! 

wardrobe drawer-TWO THREE BLOG

5. Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

If you have a slight obsession like we do, you will sometimes find that your shoes take up the most space in your wardrobe! And you're too attached to give them away; because you need all 60 pairs right?

Well not to worry our tip number 5 inspires you to leave your shoes out of your wardrobe. Hide them under the bed! or better yet line up your favourites on your wall. Allow your wardrobe to ONLY feature your top 3 pairs that you wear regularly. The others can be kept out of site until duty calls. 

wardobe shoes storage-TWO THREE BLOG


Want a little design inspiration to help you put these points into practise. Follow our Pinterest board online for more!

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