Top Inspirational Women

Happy International Women's Day!! 2018 is the year for women to rise; With women from all walks of life, coming together to stand united as one. From celebrities to modern day activists, we highlight our top empowering women of recent years.

Michelle Obama

The former first lady not only brought style, grace and class whilst supporting a united front with then President Barack Obama; she also championed for women of all ages to stand for what they believe in as they can achieve anything they want, as long as we stand united. She also created some amazing campaigns Let's Move and Let Girls Learn, and also spoke awareness of mental health issues in the world.

 The Silence Breakers

In December 2017 Time magazine not only highlighted one person for their people of the year award, they highlighted hundreds of people whom were brave to  speak up of there Sexual Harassment by, rich powerful and influential people. They stated "This year, editors at Time magazine found there was no single person who sparked cultural change that defined 2017: it was hundreds who dared to speak up and spark a movement that has shaped this year, and the years to come"



Megan Jayne Crabbe @bodyposipanda

This shameless unshameless writer, activist and now a best selling author of 'Body Positive Power' promotes and empowers women to be proud and comfortable in their own skin. When she is not being an all-round BoPo warrior, she can probably be found wearing pyjamas and talking to her dogs. Actually, she’s still a BoPo warrior then. 

Women in Films

We know that these are fictional characters but hell when leaving the cinemas we felt like we could be Amazonian's too. With the recent release of Black Panther  and the women of Wakanda dominating the screen, Hollywood is redefining the essence of strong women in movies.


Women in Sports

Over the past years we have seen more women be admired, respected and breaking the pay gap within the sporting industry. Although there is still a way to go, these sports personalities are the champions of This Girl Can!

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