The Importance of Detoxing

OMG I had a 45 min bath this morning🥰 lol which is a record for me. Partly because I was too busy cracking up to the Halfcast podcast 🤣 and partly because i’m slowly beginning to appreciate the value of a rest day (well morning in my case because its straight back to work after this blissful moment is over)

🧘🏾‍♀️Did you know that the beneficial effects of exercise actually don’t occur during exercise, they occur after. So todays bath is paired with Westlab Salts Reviving Epsom Salt which is perfect for detoxifying the body and relaxing aching muscles.

🛀🏾Detoxifying your body is essential for staying young, happy, and healthy, as well as for fat burning! Which is why i've included weekly baths in my weight loss journey.

My reasons for using Westlab Salts is because Epsom salt contains both magnesium and sulphate. Sulphates play an important role in the formation of brain tissue, joint proteins, and the proteins that line the walls of the digestive tract. They’re also one of the most detoxifying compounds on earth. Then there’s magnesium. Magnesium relaxes your nervous system and the walls of the arteries🧬

By taking care to pair your exercise sessions in a way that maximises work days and recovery days, you will be able to keep your metabolism healthy and functional. Add some bubbles, candles and your favourite podcast to complete the experience, but just make sure to schedule in some down time with YOU. 💗

Wishing you the best health on your self care journey

Naomie xx



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