Good Morning exercises to get your day started right

Have you ever woken up feeling sluggish and cranky, pressing snooze every 5 min dreading what the day has to offer.
Studies shows that if you start your morning right it helps set up the rest of the day, mentally and physically. 
Whether you decide to do a full or quick workout, meditate, read, or practice a hobby you should spend at least 30 min in the morning enjoying some you time.
If you want split that 30min up doing different activities to set your day up, here is a quick 5 min workout to help get you pumped ready for the what the day throws your way. 
The Moves
Push Ups
This moves targets multiple muscles groups, helps build core strength and burns loads of calories.
Jumping Jacks  
This fun whole body exercise is mostly used for warming up and instantly elevates your mood and activates various muscle groups. The rigorous calisthenic moves help improve your stamina, is a great exercise for the cardiovascular system, and relieve stress.
Downward Dog to Plank 
The benefits of combining both poses allows you to stretch and strengthening the whole body. Downward dog provides incredible balance for mind and body, whilst the plank supports proper posture, and improves balance.
Alternating Lunges
This move has so many benefits including Better Balance, Increased Hip Flexor Flexibility, Improved Glute Activation, Better Core Stability.
The Routine 
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