We all know it's daunting to talk to Personal trainers at the gym, so rather than seeking professional help we try and imitate the moves we see without doing the correct form. With online videos and social media; it has changed the way in which we can now train and educate on the best ways to effectively execute the moves with minimal injury and even eating plans to help us reach our goals.

We have looked closer at two online trainers whom we feel their online guides are manageable and affordable that can help you towards a better you. 


Rauve got into lifting and nutrition due to being unsatisfied with his body. Not long after embarking on his own fitness journey, he realized that his motivations weren’t all aesthetic. He has a BS in Exercise Science and is an ACSM and HFS certified trainer and prides himself on his extensive knowledge of biomechanics, anatomy, and nutrition. Soon after graduating from college, he started his own personal training company and has helped countless clients achieve their fitness goals.

Check out his Shed fat programmes and training plans https://shedyourfat.com



Nicole believes in a holistic approach to maintain her curves and natural physique while also keeping herself in the best shape possible. She aspires to represent women who wish to build and maintain curves in a natural and healthy way. Nicole believes that health and wellness is about finding a balance that is unique to each individual and that aesthetic improvement is only one of the many benefits that come from living a healthy lifestyle.

She has an app providing workout routines for home or gym,avaliable on android and IOS fitandthickapp.com





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