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Listen to your bodies through all the aches and pains.

A little over a year ago I damaged my knee whilst lunging a heavy free weighted barbell. It took about 6 months to get back to a normal-ish feeling but even still its never really felt the same, on top of that¬†I have tight hip flexorsūüôĄ so¬†I often have to take special care with certain moves whilst working out, using modifications where necessary.

Through my fitness journey¬†I've had to adapt my workouts to what my body feels comfortable with which has been a frustrating but interesting journey. I went from High intensity functional training & sprinting which became too much for my knees...ūüėϬ†To weight lifting, which can be sometimes restricted by my hips causing extreme tightness and excruciating painūüėď


I recently found yoga with Fierce Grace and honestly it has been the most intense but low impact workout I have ever experienced. You can read more about my first time trying Bikram Yoga HERE.

What I love about Fierce Grace, is that they have different classes specified by different targets. The "IN" class is the practice I first experienced which was a good class for me to warm up to. This class is based on yoga physiotherapy, deeply correcting, aligning and releasing.¬†Which is just what I needed. No fancy moves or extreme balancing, just 75 minutes of stretching and realigning my bodyūüôĆūüŹĹ


With the few aches I experience it really made me think about what my body would be like as I'm getting older. I mean I work out to keep my heart & brain healthy but we never really know what kind of damage we are doing to our joints over time.

This made me think about my mum. She too has damaged her knee in the past and had to have surgery to fix her torn cartilage. She's also starting to experience Osteoarthritis in her wrists, which has me worried as my mother is someone who has always been into keeping fit and has always stayed active. She absolutely loves her fitness classes, the occasional TaeBo, swimming and often attends fitness weekend aways with her girlfriends.  

I took my mum to her first Bikram Yoga class at fierce Grace just so she could try something different, and I wanted to know how she felt afterwards. She too agreed that the complex moves were a lot more soothing when your in the heat of the room as it allows you to loosen up. She did have to use 2 yoga mats to lean on, just for extra support on her knees, but otherwise quite enjoyed the class. 


One of the main things she found helpful was the adaptations of positions through using Yoga blocks, which made certain poses a lot more comfortable. In Yoga your not supposed to push through the pain, its incredibly important to listen to your body and to strengthen the areas that may cause barriers. All in due time of course.   

It makes you think, is ware and tare bound to happen as we get older? and if so what can we do to minimise the damage?

Well here's a few tips:

  • Avoid impacted cardio¬†that tend to damage the knees, such as running. ( Try switching up your cardio by cycling or even using the elliptical machine )
  • Try¬†collagen supplements ( Researchers have¬†theorised¬†that taking up to 8-12g of collagen a day¬†can reduce joint pain whilst improving skin health )
  • Wear/use protective gear wherever possible ( Invest in accessories like wrist guards, yoga blocks, knee¬†brace, or elbow¬†supports etc. )¬†
  • ¬†Stay hydrated! Adequate water can keep your joints well lubricated and fight inflammation.¬†


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