Getting back to the previous me

Like the majority of the world, I put on weight during the Xmas period, started to lose it for the new year, then put most of it if not more back on during quarantine. Looking at myself in the mirror and not being happy with what I see, I felt it was time I got back to a place where I was comfortable with myself.
After seeing how Naomie and my mother lost a lot of weight and body fat without compromising what they ate, I decided to give their meal plan a go, and it only lasts for 22 days. Naomie explains more about the plan and her experience in her blog post
Now for someone who is a Carb lover, the thought of cutting back gave me anxiety but I knew that I really had to analysis what I put in my body in order to achieve my goal. 
The first 10 days into the meal plan was the hardest because as I really had to cut back on sugar and eliminate carbs. Also, the health gods tried to test me cause not only did I start my monthly cycle on day one, so I would have killed to have carbs, but just my luck my blender broke, so I was unable to incorporate the shakes into my meal plan.
Within this week I felt nausea at the start and extremely tired, I guess that was my body going into a withdrawal state, but towards the end of the first 10days, it got better. 
But it was also great cause I found myself taking my time to really cook meals and really think about the taste rather than the ingredients, as you can imagine meat and veg every day can get boring, but the great thing about this plan is after the first 10days, you can have a carb-fest day (well meal) every 4 days.
The bit I enjoyed the most about this plan was being able to get creative add new dishes to my catalogue of recipes, and have now found some new staple dishes that I can whip up and still enjoy, minus the carbs, and cause the plan is something that you can easily continue after the first 22 days, I have found my self keeping up the same formula. 
In total, I lost 6lb and 1 1/2 inches off my waist, I was disheartened that considering me cutting back on the carb and sugar that is all I lost, but on the plus side I have lost body fat and not only that, I feel so much more energised and less bloated.
I have continued to keep up the meal plan however I have tweaked it to suit my requirements, a little wine now and then won't hurt anybody. Hopefully, I am able to achieve additional weight loss, as consistency is key.



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