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#Paris Fashion Week

Posted by Stefanie White on

Fashion Week finally landed in the home of fashion PARIS. As it sashay's to an end before it lands at it final destination Milan, here at Two Three HQ we review some of our fave styles from the fashion Gods.


After years of increasingly elaborate Chanel sets, including one that replicated the entire city that was Havana – Karl Lagerfeld pulled back his focus from the big wide world and zoomed in on the internal workings of the computer for his latest Paris show.


Tropical greenery cascaded over the runway as the Balmain army marched past the tropical scenery in dresses of leaf green and earth brown.

Stella MaCartney

The message here was all about wholesome, cruelty free living.  

Alexander McQueen

This was a collection that delivered all the McQueen hallmarks, and then some; it was a show that made the more romantic houses in Paris look uptight; and other more rock 'n' roll houses look a bit, well, thin on the ground when it comes to ideas and execution


Elie Saab

This a man who doesn't hold back the glitz, and this season was no exception. It was disco themed and came with plenty of extra spangle.

Fenty x Puma

Bad Girl RiRi launched Fenty x puma, her collection she has designed with Puma

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