Not Another Diet....

 When it comes to diets, there are so many to choose from, Keto, Paleo, Atkins, 5:2 etc. But why do diets have to be so restrictive & boring? and why do you always feel hungry when following them!

TTA have created an easy non restrictive and realistic meal plan, that will not only have you lose up to 14 pounds but you can also continue for life!
We are not trained nutritionists, food scientist of dieticians, but we have followed enough 'diet' guides to know what worked for us. Our meal plans consist of a combinations of plans that we found worked best for us and were the easiest to maintain and see results.
These plans are sustainable, realistic and easy to follow, giving you the choice to choose what you want to eat for the day.
Whether you are at the beginning of you healthy life journey or halfway through, our meal plans will definitely help you get closer to your goals.

Check out CEO's Stefanie & Naomie's results after following the eating plan for 6 WEEKS having lost a total of 17 pounds between them!

(-7lbs down) 

(-10lbs down)


If you enjoy working out we have previously posted a guideline on the best way to include workouts to your weekly regime when weight loss is your goal. READ MORE on the 5 Worst Workout Mistakes you might be making!



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