National Pack Your Lunch Day!

Happy Pack your lunch day!
Now when I used to work in the office (pre Covid), I would always bring a packed lunch not only did it save me money, but I would get excited to have a new and exciting meal. As the only shop options close to the office were Mc Donald's, and Sainsburys.
Not only does bringing a pack lunch allow you have more time to yourself on your lunch break, cause you don't have to sit around waiting for delivery, or walk to the nearest food spot, but it also allows you to stay on track with healthy eating as everything will be ready to grab and go.
Although a large majority are working from home, you can create the same packed lunch feeling by prepping meals in advance.
To ensure you keep a variety to your meals to stop you from getting bored and tempted to eat unhealthy food or even spend unnecessary money. We have listed some of the best food accounts to follow, and some of them even offer a meal prep service (for though are not quite ready to do your own meal prep).

Rouge Vegan 

This is a Caribbean & Creole inspired vegan page offering a vegan alternative to some of the most popular Caribbean & Creole dishes
Check out @rouge.vegan


Fitfood offer a variety of products and services, from Injury and Weight loss solutions to corporate catering
Find out more @fitfoodldn

Tatted Chef

Want to put life into your meals? The tatted chef offers easy to follow recipes with video tutorials.
Check out @_tattedchef

Feed me Vegan

Ready Meals & Desserts that are Vegan, Gluten and Nut free and can be purchased at Tesco
View more

Amina in the Kitchen

Amina has a YouTube channel where she share her healthy and delicious recipes, and you can follow along too.


A variety of healthy fresh and tasty meals, prepared packed and delivered
Check Out @preppd_

Looking for the perfect fitness set ?

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