My VEGAN Winter Skincare routine

Winter has really taken a toll on my skin this year! Between the stress, change of climate and bad eating habits, I have experienced all skin types this winter which is so weird. One of the great things about spending all this time at home is that I have had the chance to learn my skin type, try out new products and really take my self care skin regime to the next level. Below I have listed a few products that I have tried, tested and now become an avid supporter.
I suddenly noticed there was a common trend with all the products that worked best for me. They are all vegan! What I love about the thought of vegan products is allowing myself to strip back from all unnecessary toxins and harsh ingredients. Switching to vegan skincare is not only better for the planet but will improve your skin health in the long term and nourish your body to support natural production of collagen. Products with a shorter ingredients list usually mean that you don't have to worry about any skincare induced health problems such as rashes or skin cancer.
So when it comes to skincare, I am slowly learning that LESS is MORE!

By Marika

ByMarika is a new brand that I discovered during lockdown. The founder, Marika is actually a loyal customer and a fan of Two Three Active, so I was very excited to give her products a try! Not only are her products great value for money, the shea butter mixture has been whipped to perfection. Shea Butter has become my all year round body moisturiser because I have fallen in love with its natural benefits. Not only does it make your skin glow and stay youthful, Shea butter is great for correcting skin discoloration including acne, evening out skin tone and reducing stretch marks. 
I also tried the ByMarika Coffee face scrub (not vegan) which has now secured a space in my weekly self-care routine as Immediately I found it improving my dry patches during the colder months. I can definitely see myself becoming a collector of this brand as she has a handful of natural scents I can't wait to try out. Check her out on Instagram @bymarika_uk for more information and to place your order!

Pink Salad Ldn

Pink Salad Ldn has become my all year round favourite. I first discovered this brand during the first Black Pound Day and I have been shopping with them ever since. My favourite product is the Lip Hydrator Oil. I used to be a firm believer in products like vaseline and carmex but after awhile you find that you become immune to them. What I love about the Pink Salad Ldn's Lip Hydrator Oil is that it is made with Vitamin E oil to repair and hydrate lips. 

All of their cosmetics are vegan, gluten free, cruelty free, which is good for you and for the environment! Shop online for more vegan lip products.




I've never really been one to collect items from one brand but Narloa completely has my heart. For years I have had oily skin, and at certain times of year (winter especially) my skin type turns into combination skin as I often develop dry patches. Narloa thrives on using minimal ingredients and making everything fresh to order in very small batches. Their products contain no fillers, no artificial fragrances, no parabens and no toxic chemicals. Oh and not to mention they are 100% vegan and cruelty-free brand. The Balancing face oil and Aloe + Lemon Face wash are my absolute go-to's. Check them out online for more amazing products and find what works for you
These brands have fully converted me and guess what, they are black female owned! Check them out to see more of their product line and for full information on ingredients. I'm so happy to support other small businesses and female at that too! Another win for the ladies🙌🏾  

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  • I have been seeking my daughters face wash Narola Alovera & Lemon face wash, ( don’t tell her), and with my mature skin, and going through the menapause, this has been a brilliant product, as being at the stage of life I am at, your skin becomes very dry. It is difficult to find products that will work with mature skin free of chemicals which I am all for

    Juliet White

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