My night at The Underground Cookery School

After arriving to the amazing "cooking lab" which has hosted chefs such as Gordon Ramsey, Raymond Blanc and Mridula Baljekar, I knew this was was going to be an epic night the moment our host announced "It is written in my contract to ensure your champagne glasses are full all night " Clink Clink 🥂

Two glasses in we were escorted to our first station of the night, Pasta making 😍. We made tagliatelle from scratch, 90g of zero flour, pinch of salt and one egg, mix it all together, kneed the mix then used a pasta machine to flatten and shred the dough like parcels.

After airing our pasta to dry we moved on to the meat station, were we were presented with a rack of lamb.

I was extremely nervous as i love to cook "BONELESS" meat, and this would be the first time i would have to dice meat from the bone. I took a few swigs from my freshly topped up bubbly, and grabbed that rack, like it was a pair of exclusive one of a kind gym shoes, and diced it like a boss.
Feeling proud of myself we put our lamb in a pre made olive oil dressing, washed our hands and move on to the dessert station. Here we made a delicious Banana Soufflé. 
Not being much of a baker I was really excited to do this part as I’ve always envied people who post IG pics of amazing cake, muffins and cookies 🍪 

Having whipped the eggs a lining our ramakin with sugar, we put the mixture in to the ramakin then on to a try for the chefs to bake.
Whilst we waited for the chefs to cook the food we have prepared all that was left to do was.. yep you guessed it continue to drink drinking.
Another bottle later and yep I’m feeling tipsy... it was time to eat what we prepared. And god damn it was amazing everything tasted fresh and the way it had been cooked my tongue was having a party with all the flavours.
I had such an amazing experience and fun whilst cooking my meal from scratch, it was such a great experience and I will definitely be doing it again.



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