#Milkshakeday 🥤

Technically its #ChocolateMilkshakeDay , but who pays attention to the small details    😋
Although it so tempting to indulge on this day, don't completely ruin your gains.
Here are some healthier alternatives to enjoy.
Skinny Cookies and Cream
This amazing shake only requires 4 ingredients and even better takes only 5 minutes to make 
Peanut Butter Shake
(recipe from simplyquinoa.com )
Quinoa in a shake?? Well you know what they say don't knock it until you try it.
Skinny Vanilla Protein Shake
(recipe from The Chunky Chef
Nothing beats a good ol' Vanilla shake, but this time its supper healthy with added protein.
Bannana Shake
(recipe from Annie Noms )
Just like the Minions we all love Banana so rather than having them on toast or in your porridge, why not turn them into shakes
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