Milan Fashion Week Review

Although there were so many amazing shows and fashion picese we cannot not wait to wear in Spring Summer.

The one show that stole the week was the supermodel reunion that was the centrepiece of the Versace show to mark the 20th anniversary of his murder.


Now sissy that walk.....


Donatella Versace used prints from her brother’s collections between 1991 and 1995 as the basis for this collection. “The silhouettes are all new because the shapes from those days look dated today,” she said. “Except the leggings. Everyone loves the leggings again." 


This is the brand of the bold and the beautiful - from Italian aristocrats to Texan oil wives and they know what they like. Taking the opulence out of Roberto Cavalli is a courageous move from Paul Surridge who did this for his debut collection for the Seventies house.


Biker ballerinas were Moschino story on the runway: leather jackets, satin bustiers, tulle tutus, and fishnets in a couple dozen variations, with some DIY tees thrown into the mix. “Shirt happens,” one read. Indeed it does.

My Little Pony tee, is the latest in a line of boundary-breaking high-low capsule collabs,and the finale section of the show saw the models as flowers. 



Triangulation was one of the themes going on at Fendi. Triangular shoulders, nipping into the waist, skirts with flaring hems. It originated in thoughts about Italian Futurism—an early-20th-century art movement, which, among other things, sought to capture the dynamic speed of the modern machine age

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