Healthy "Junk" Food

It's Junk food day (Saturday 21st July), you've had a long day and a cheeky nando's sounds right up your ally.
Stop what you are doing, and put down your mobile phone! Don't sabotage your 'diet', you have done so well.
As you are apart of the TWOTHREEARMY we got your back!
Continue reading to find the best fake aways to make at home.
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Slimming World- Chicken Doner Kebab

This chicken doner kebab meal with lots of sides is so easy and quick to make.  

Quinoa Pizza Bowl

Theses amazing bites are healthier (and also gluten-free) with lots of protein-packed quinoa.


Chinese Chicken and Broccoli

This dish is pretty close to how the Chinese takeaway will make it – only minus the oil, sugar, and sesame oil.

KFC Style Chicken

All the components can take a while to put together, but it makes a great family sharing meal.

 Slimming world- Syn free Balti Curry

A jar of Balti curry sauce will set you back 22 syns. Balti curry from the takeaway will set you back 18 syns a portion. That’s a CRAZY amount of Syns! Why would you waste them when you can make this for no Syns at all? 


Looking for more healthy treats? then head over to our pinterest page to find more.



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