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Two Three Active Wellness Day
Are you one of those people who find the gym to be a bit of a scary environment? You don’t know how to use the machines, you’re worried that you will end up looking like a lost puppy or even worse end up as a gym meme all over social media.
Sometimes the gym environment isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay! A huge part of working out is about improving your mental wellness as well as the physical. So if smashing a home workout is what makes you happy, then we are happy that you have found what works for you.
My Body Unity Jomba Trampoline Class
However some people enjoy working out with the company of others and we couldn’t agree more. Here at TTA Head Quarters we absolutely love a good team sweat sesh! Which is why we love My Body Unity Health and Fitness Days, where they have created everything you could possibly need. Whether you are looking for support to kick start you into getting fit or looking for new classes to keep you challenged, the team are absolutely awesome!
Health & Wellness Pop-up Health & Wellness Pop-up
Days like these are all about bringing your mind and body together through health and fitness, leaving you a happier and healthier person. THIS September we added to the experience by showcasing our full collection to the ladies, allowing them to buy and try on pieces for themselves. We received such an amazing response from the team and all agreed that our fabric and quality was second to none 😁
Two Three Active Big Bottle Co.
A typical day could look like this:

• Relaxation sessions.
• Group outdoor morning training session with highly qualified trainers.
• Unlimited Tea, coffee and water.
• Fun energetic toning session such as Jomba which is a unique form of training that involves the use of trampolines.
• Delicious 2 course healthy lunch.
• Walks in the beautiful surrounding countryside.
• Various afternoon activities which could include yoga, Pilates and/or stretch sessions.
So if you're looking to update your gym wardrobe and want to attend the next one? We will see you there! Head over to My Body Unity to get your ticket !
Next event Sunday 18th November 2018

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