Health Benefits of Ginger

There is one ingredient that will appear in every food and beverage this festive season and that's GINGER!! Spiced ginger latte, Gingerbread cookies, Ginger Cake, Mulled wine with Ginger and so on...
The world has gone ginger mad, but did you know there are so many health benefits of ginger?
We have listed 9 (out of the endless list) health benefits of ginger, and added a few tasty recipes for you to try.
Now you know just a few of the benefits here are some gingerlicious recipes for you to try.

 Creamy Coconut Ginger Chicken 

recipe from

Add this with boiled rice to complete this delicious dish 

Ginger Chicken with Mushroom Noodles

recipe from

 This meal is ready from Wok to dish in 30min

 Soft and Chewy Gluten Free Ginger Cookies

recipe from

Kick your feet up and enjoy with a hot drink and only takes 15min from prep to finish

Ginger Banana Green Smoothie

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Top this delicious smoothie with chia seeds, granola or even more bananas


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