Happy Relaxation Day 🧖🏾‍♀️

Although we are working on that amazing fit girl body, it is importing to have a healthy mind state.
After the hustle and bustle of a long "boos babe " working day it it always best to relax and unwind, and after doing these amazing de-stressing moves, you can pour yourself that wet deserved glass of wine.
Childs Pose
This Pose has many benefits and super relaxing. 
  1. Calming for the mind
  2. Great for digestion
  3. It elongates the lower back
  4.  Opens up the hips
  5. Reminds you rest is good 😴
Cat-Cow Pose
You may feel silly doing this move but here is why its made our list
  1. Easy gentle way to warm your spine
  2. Helps relieve stress from menstrual cramps 
  3. Increases flexibility of neck, shoulders and spine 
  4. Increases coordination
  5. Fosters intentional focus 
Corpse Pose
Annnnnnnd breathe... make this pose extra relaxing by playing soothing music
  1. Helps improve your memory and concentration
  2. Helps reduce nervous and muscular tension
  3. Helps lower blood pleasure and lowers heart rate
  4. Helps reduce headache occurrence
  5. Gives release from fatigue and insomnia
Downward Dog
The pose has so many benefits. Downward Dog can work out any kink in the body and bring blood flow to the brain.
  1. Strengthens arms and shoulders
  2. Tones the core and waist
  3. Lengthens the hamstrings and calves
  4. Brings blood flow to the brain
  5. Stretches the spine and strengths the back
 | Looking for the next TWO THREE pop up, and a health & wellbeing day |
Well you are in luck!
Two Three Active will be having a pop up stall at Body Unity Health and Wellness Day on the 15th Sept.
Book your slot today, hurry limited tickets left 😉

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