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It has almost been a year since we started our fitspo of the month interview, and you may have lost count or even missed some amazingly inspirational women. To refresh your mind and keep you up to speed here is a round up of the amazing fitspiration we have featured.

June | @Jessicalouisefit

This amazing babe is currently recovering from a triple tibia fracture and ruptured ACL, and also has an underactive thyroid.

How are you finding getting active again since your injury?
 I am currently doing a gym-based physio slowly building up both my strength and confidence. Going from not being able to walk to trusting the knee again is the hardest part. At the moment it’s all about taking it slow but still challenging myself with isolated exercises.
What are your three workout essentials?
Noise-cancelling headphones… I don't want anyone to disturb me If I'm in the zone I'm in the zone.
A good water bottle and a podcast, mainly for when doing cardio at the end of my session.
I really love listening to entrepreneurial ones as I’m a huge advocate of self-improvement and self-awareness. 

December | @imnicb

This spiritual beauty advises it ok to have off days, and to have realistic goals.


What have you found most challenging about staying active?
Some days I’m just not feeling it, and before I used to be like “No you have to do this because you have to keep up this look”. But once I changed my mindset it wasn’t about the look it’s about how I felt internally.
In the beginning, I would look at social media and say that’s not even me, I’ve been forced to sell something that I’m not.
So, what keeps me active is keeping my mind on the positive and knowing what I want. 
How do you think society ‘ideal’ body type has changed?
I think it changed drastically only because of people doing enhancements and getting plastic surgery. We are in a time where people are really lazy and want quick instant gratification and results. And If they are working out, the mentality is “how fast can I lose 20lbs in 2 weeks”, or “I want to work out but I don’t want to lose my butt.”
I can’t determine where you will lose weight.

January | @youmustlovelife

This body positivity lifestyle blogger shares her journey of loving yourself mentally and physically 
What made you start your journey & what were your starting tools?
Body confidence is one of those things I thought was a myth, but over the years, I’ve found it. That doesn’t mean I sometimes don’t have a self-conscious moment, but today I’m proud of me and my body.
I grew up as a heavy kid, and when I moved to NYC in my early twenties, I felt out of place in a city that seemed to be brimming with chic, lithe, cigarette-smoking women. So I cut out breakfast. Sometimes lunch. Opting for coffee to get me through the day. And as by body dwindled, so did my energy and understanding of myself.
How have you dealt with haters & critics?
I posted this video to Instagram several months ago when I started getting back to the gym after struggling with depression. It was of me doing barbell cleans for the first time since being away from the gym (and making light of a guy off camera who was grunting ridiculously loud). A negative comment from a man rolled in that said, “Then maybe you should join planet fitness. I wouldn't be talking tho. You look like shit. Like a potato round butterball. And I've seen strong as fking girls grunt. Girls who actually lift, not fat hoes who clean and jerk with 5-lbs bumper plate.”

May | @just_geen

This 'girl power' babe is making waves with her train to slay programme, bringing women together to work towards their fitness goals.


 You have been featured for the new Reebok x Sports direct campaign, tell us more about that.

They reached out to me and asked if I would like to be a part of the new Reebok campaign to which highlights women empowerment and working out together. So, I asked the girls who attend my train to slay classes, as I wanted to highlight the different representation of women, and obviously show off my fabulous ladies.
This campaign has to be the highlight of my year.
Do you have anything you want to shout about
I have a 'train to slay challenge' it’s a place where people can get together share workout advise and videos and encourage people to work out together. If you want to work out and don’t have an idea of what to do it’s a good place to start.


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