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What made you start your journey & what were your starting tools?

Stef:I have always been active growing up. I used to do ballet, tap dancing, contemporary dance and gymnastics. When I started college, I started slowing down on these activities as live being a teenager got the best of me. However I would always do lil ‘ab’ workouts at home as I would always have my stomach on show, and I didn’t want a chubby belly.Fast forward to my mid 20’s when I got diagnosed with an over active thyroid, I dramatically lost weight (one of the side effects) and I dropped to a size 8. Although I was happy as this had been the smallest I have ever been, my close ones would consistently tell me I didn't look healthy and I need a bit more meat on my body. As I my health didn’t get better I had to get thyroid gland removed and in doing so cause me have an under active thyroid. I got into a new relationship and started an office job, so never thought about how much weight I was putting on, until one Christmas when I tried to fit in a white dress, when I look back at those pics it just made me realise that I did not look healthy and this was too much weight for my small frame. This was my wake up call, and lit a fire under my butt. From there I knew I had to get back to the old me where I was much more happier not only in my clothes but also NAKED!

Nay: I went through a really rough break up with a boyfriend when I was 20. I felt like I was going through a depression and I really didn't want to crash mentally. The only thing I could think of to distract myself was to join my local gym in university. As a lightly active person, I had no idea how to workout effectively so I joined classes. That's when I fell in love with Spinning and Bodypump. The gym was my escape. I had no goal in mind, although I knew I was overweight and wanted to shed a few extra pounds. The most important thing I knew was that I wanted to find peace within myself, and the gym is exactly where I found it.

What have you found most challenging about staying active?

Stef: Being motivated. When working a full time job, and after the commute to and from work, by time I get home im tired and hungry and would rather just rip my bra and clothes off, and stay at home. Cause you know once the bra is off, the rest of the evening is over, and the outside world will not see you again until the next day.

Nay: Waking up early in the mornings Has been tough. I usually like morning workouts but I decided to wake up an hour earlier than usual, just so that I can get myself into a more comitted routein. And funny enough my new 5:15am wakeups have become apart of my normal daily routein. I feel like ive acomplished more in the day, I get more meals in. and It usually means I get to bed at a reasonable hour. All-in-all I feel great!

What are your three workout essentials?

 Stef: My Towel, Headphones and my headscarf (don’t want to sweat out my edges) If I don’t have any of the 3 then I will turn around go home and not return back to my workout. That’s why it’s very important for me to make sure I have these before I leave my house.

Nay: Headphones! I like to zone out and do a little twerk between sets. Water Bottle! My bottle is usally glued to my hip all day. Towel! I absolutely HATE when sweat voluntarilty slips in my eyes & interupts my whole workout! Lol.


 What songs/ music is on your fitness playlist?

Stef: As per TTA Spotify, my playlist is a well diverse mix. I like Rock Music when weight lifting, it gives a that extra push that I need. K-pop and EDM for a good cardio working, something about these genres gives me an energy kick. And a bit of hip hop for anything in between.

Nay: Arianna Grande – Side to side, Calvin Harris – Skrt on me , Migos – Stir Fry!!

How have you dealt with haters & critics?

Stef: To be honest my biggest hater and critic is have is myself. I can never look at an images of myself without having something negative to say. Espically after going from one weight to another, this is all new to me as I have always been slim and active. So I continue to work on my mental state everyday because I want to be able to love my wobbles and all.

Nay: What haters? I literally give them no airtime, Positive vibes only. NEXT!

What do you consider workout Heaven?

Stef: I love a good functional workout and love doing body weight workout, so workout sessions or class I do must incorporate these types of moves, as I thrive of them and know these styles of workouts works best for me.

Nay: An EMPTY gym! I literally workout early in the mornings because I hate fighting people for the weigths and machine.

And workout Hell?

Stef: Being cold!! I attend a boot camp class over the winter and although most of it was in doors, I dreaded the time when the trainer would pre message the group advising them to bring gloves….. Yes I knew exactly what was coming for that session. But I still braced the cold cause I have goals I aim to reach.

Nay: When theres too many people in the gym. The HOT air, the crowded machines, the mess! Absolutely hate it.

Do you have any tips to stay motivated?

Stef: Just remind yourself why you started, and will giving up today make you reach your end goal?

Nay: I find that planning your workouts ahead of time keeps me motivated to get to the gym the next day. When I know what I’m training and the moves I’m going to do to target that area, it gets me excited to complete a session in the gym.

How do you think society ‘ideal’ body type has changed?

Stef: I think society has always had an acceptance of curves… but this was curves such as Pamala Anderson, Tyra banks just to name a few. But now society has realised the real definition of curves, and that is muscles, thickness (booty and thighs). But I feel we still have a long way to go cause society deems its ok to be Kim K West curvy (cough cough, no shade) but Serena Williams is still deemed as big and thick!! And hunty I rather look like Serena any day.

Nay: I think society has changed drastically with the negative influence from social media. People’s percepion of whats the ideal body, especially for women has become so unrealistic it’s damaging. However with the positive side of social media women are now campaigning their real bodies and champining each other. Which really is the turning point we need these days. Mental health is real and I’m proud to be apart of a generation who are learning to love themselves again.

Which of the Two Three Active Collection would you wear and why?

Stef: My fave items are the squat proof leggings, as they give you full tummy support, and are 1000000% squat proof.

Nay: GIRLLL EVERYTHING! I’m absolutely proud of our collections, we hand pick them ourselves, choosing items to make you feel comfortable and not have to compromise on style. I hope you guys enjoy them just as much as we do.


Any tips or advice you could give other women on their fitness journeys?

Stef: Don’t be scared to try different forms of workouts, because this is the best part of working out. Once you have tried many exercise styles and different techniques, you can then truly know and understand what works for you.

Nay: Don't give up honey and don't be hard on yourself. Every minute or session counts, so if you can only give 30 mins today, that's fine! Don't forget to listen to your body also. Take a rest when needed and be careful of injuries. Working out is supposed to be fun, so find what works for you!

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