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Meet MacKenzie aka @mbpfitnesss


What is your Zodiac Sign?

I’m a Cancer and my birthday is July 4th. I love it. There are always fireworks and something fun that is happening on my birthday, since its Independence Day in America. I love having my birthday on this date as it defines me, like a ball of energy. It’s a perfect day for me.



Where are you from in the US?

I’m originally from St Louis, Missouri, but moved to Phoenix, Arizona and have been here for 8 months.



What made you start your fitness journey? 

I have always been active growing up, doing dance and gymnastics. I started cheerleading in high school, which I loved because it was like a combination of both. I continued throughout college until my Junior year.

Whilst at college I felt I wanted to become a bit stronger, so I got an online coach to help with my nutrition and weight lifting; but unfortunately, cheerleading is so strict, it requires you to be a particular weight and size. This eventually started to get into my head and drove me crazy, I became obsessed with the scale.

I started going to the gym for the wrong reasons, and began using the gym as a place to just burn calories. I stop listening to my coach and started restricting calories (consuming 500 calories per day) and eliminated all foods that I did not view as “clean”. This then caused me to go into bulimic habits and it became a vicious cycle for about 3 years. Eventually I became so weak I was not able to perform optimally at practice.

This was my breaking point, I knew it was unhealthy and I needed I stop.  I knew that I needed to focus on mental health if I ever wanted to recover from my eating disorder and the awful association I had with food and exercise. After about a year after quitting cheer, I started to focus a lot more on what I wanted for myself rather than a body type that someone else needed me to achieve. I switched my mentality from wanting to be as small as possible to wanting to be strong, comfortable in my body, accepting of myself for who I am, and embracing my curves. I have never been the super skinny girl, I always had a bit of a booty, I always had muscles, and I wanted to find how to love that person for all that she is capable of, rather than solely focusing on changing her.

Once I started treating the gym as a place to escape and improve rather than being a way of getting rid of excess calories I fell in love with fitness.



What have you found the most challenging thing about staying active?

The most challenging thing is making fitness a priority.
There are days when I work all day long, waking up 7am working until 7pm, and I feel exhausted. At times I don’t want to go to the gym, but I know that I am only going to feel better if I go. I am no different than anyone else, I don’t always have motivation, but I do have inner drive and that’s what gets me there on the tiring days.
I have to tell myself at times to just get up and go, because once you find yourself at the gym you feel better.
The most important thing is just finding the time and planning your days that you work out in advance, so that you know the days you rest vs workout.

What are your 3 workout essentials?
One thing I always have to have is my scrunchie, my scrunchies define me now, you won’t ever catch me without one on at the gym!!
I also must always have my wireless headphones, without them I feel like I can’t workout. Music allows me to zone in and get hyped up for my workout. Typically, I will always perform better with quality headphones.
Lastly, my pre-workout, I feel I have better workouts, especially leg day with a little bit of caffeine and pump. I take them to help me get better mind muscle connections, so I can execute what I’m doing better, and have more energy/ focus in the gym.



What’s on your song/music playlist?
I like a mix of music anything from EDM to Pop to Rap, Anything upbeat.
Sometimes when there is a big bass drop it just gets me going and in my Zone.
The one song I keep playing is FeFe by 6ix9ine and Nicki Minaj, it just gets me going!!

How have you dealt with hater/critics?
I was in a relationship for 3 ½ yrs, and my BF was my biggest critic. He didn’t support what I would post on Instagram. It took about a year to realize that if he wasn’t going to accept that this is how I run my business and that I have put a lot of time and effort in to this account that things weren’t going to work out.
I needed someone who was proud of me for all I accomplished and noticed the positivity and information that I have brought to many lives through my account.
This lit a fire under my butt and pushed me to be even better and continue to grow and prosper without someone holding me back.
When it comes to insta haters, there will always be negative people, but I don’t let them bother me. I simply wish them the best, because mentally they must be struggling if they have to tear apart and ridicule others online.

How do you feel about society ideal body type and how it has changed?
I feel it changed in a great way, by accepting curves and strength in females, and I love it.
Whereas, 20 years ago being skinny was idolised but now people with curves and a booty are looked up to as the ideal physique.
Everyone’s body type is very different though, so I honestly don’t believe that there is one ideal body. People are still going to wish they had something that they don’t have.


What is workout Heaven?
When I get into a zone, it’s based upon my mindset. Before I go into the gym I tell myself “I’m going to crush this workout”. It gets me into a euphoria where I feel like I’m unstoppable; it me against the world.
if I workout on a bad body image day (which honestly are very rare for me now) feeling bloated, exhausted, not feeling my best, I typically do not have as great of workouts because I cannot focus all my attention in on what I am doing.

and workout Hell?
Busy times at the gym, is always frustrating, as it always crowded.
But for me if I’m negative towards my body rather than focusing on what I’m doing, this really messes with my brain.
I have a love/hate relationship with the Stairmaster, if I don’t abuse I can do it. Also running on the treadmill I despise more than anything, it’s never fun, I can honestly say I’ve never had a positive experience whilst running. Like I never say, “This is so fun I’m in the zone running on the treadmill hearing my feet hit the belt”.

Do you have any tips/advice for other females on their fitness journey?
My biggest tips for females starting their journey would be to look at your long-term goals, and what you want to achieve in several months from now. You need to find an approach that is going to be sustainable for you. Fat loss does not have to be difficult or restrictive. You can simply enjoy foods you love, eat out, have alcohol, go on vacations, etc. as long as you are making sure that you are in an overall weekly caloric deficit. Don’t over complicate things, slowly decrease calories over time when wanting to lose fat and find what works for you in terms or tracking, intuitively eating, clean eating, high carb/ high fat, etc. Things take time and patience, but as long as you stay determined and realise that this is a lifestyle change, then you will be able to achieve your goals!


What TTA item would you wear?

 I liked the 'BALANCE' legging, they looked like a good material. I think that they would look good on your body and hold you well. I also loved the colour, they are super cute.


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