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What is your star sign?
I’m a Gemini
You have been featured for the new Reebok x Sports direct campaign, tell us more about that.
They reached out to me and asked if I would like to be a part of the new Reebok campaign to which highlights women empowerment and working out together. So, I asked the girls who attend my train to slay classes, as I wanted to highlight the different representation of women, and obviously show off my fabulous ladies.
This campaign has to be the highlight of my year.
What made you start your fitness journey & what were your starting tools?
I had a breakup; I came out of a really bad relationship and I became depressed. Fitness was my therapy. I was never an active person growing up, if you asked anyone back then I would be a fitness instructor they would laugh at you.
I started to go for runs, bearing in mind they were only 2 mins long, but I always felt better afterwards, even though it was hard I would talk to myself. So I kept it up and the more I did it the better I got, I would run for longer and found myself getting fitter.
It was less about my appearance and more about my mental health.
I eventually got into the gym as my friend was a PT, so I used to attend their gym every day after work and I would just chill. He then let me know that the gym is not a place to chill and that I came to train, so he taught me the concept of weight training, and it eventually became my passion.
What have you found most challenging about staying active?
I was so obsessed with working out, I was so engrossed in it that I knew I had to do it. And because it was linked to my mental health I knew if I didn’t go I wouldn’t feel good. I used to go to the gym early and it would set me up for a good day. So because it was mainly about how I felt, I have not struggled at staying active.
I even sacrificed social events and going out just because I wanted to fix my life out.
What songs/ music is on your fitness playlist?
Right now, I listen to UK Rap and Hip Hop, but it changes depending on my mood. It can change between Hip hop, funky house, old school. I feel that a lot of new music sounds the same so more often or not I will listen to more old school music.
How have you dealt with haters & critics?
In comparison to when I speak to others I haven’t had that many haters, but what I have learnt to do is not to take things to personal, and to take things with a pinch of salt, especially as it's someone you don’t know.
Most of these haters are like silent fans, If you know what I’m doing and to hate clearly you are watching me, so if you don’t like what I’m doing then why you are watching me. But it is what it is and like the saying goes if you don’t have haters then obviously you are doing something wrong. But regardless of what you do someone is always going to have something to say, but you can’t let it affect you and you just have to keep it moving. 
What do you consider workout Heaven?
An empty gym with everything you want to use free, with an amazing playlist. When I don’t have to play my own music, because it’s a loud environment with a good playlist. That gets me going. I like gyms that have smoothie bars, eating facilities and gyms that were it is clean and you feel comfortable enough to have a shower.
And workout Hell?
Peak gym times, because when you want to train for only an hour you end up being there for 2 hours because you have to wait for the equipment, and it gets really messy and can get overwhelming.
Do you have any tips to stay motivated?
Find your why. When you know why you are doing something and have a deeper meaning as to why you find it a lot easier. In those moments when you want to quit you can go back to your why, to which this will keep you motivated.
Because I am accountable for so many people, when I feel like I don’t want to do something, I know I have to do it because people are counting on me. That what helps me to keep going in the moments when I don’t want to go to the gym or feel like quitting.
How do you think society ‘ideal’ body type has changed?
As the years have gone by times have changed, in the 90s it was all about the straight slim body, now it’s all about having curves and shape. I feel that is heavily influenced by social media. It's bad because not everyone looks the same or shaped the same. It gets to the point where everyone starts to look the same, and many people are rushing to have surgery to get this instant image, but what is going to happen when this trend Is no longer in fashion. A lot of people act like they are not doing it for social media but secretly they are. Be honest with yourself and to why you are doing it, because if you weren’t on social media would you even do it?
Do you have anything you want to shout about
I have a 'train to slay challenge' it’s a place where people can get together share workout advise and videos and encourage people to work out together. If you want to work out and don’t have an idea of what to do it’s a good place to start.
For the full challenge and my afro Caribbean e-book you can visit my site JUST GEEN

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