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What Is your star sign?
What made you start your journey & what were your starting tools?
I've never been skinny although wouldn’t class myself as overweight. Growing up I was involved in sports and had various PT’s as my parents always encouraged me to work out and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This stayed pretty consistent until I left for university. 
 It didn’t take long to start overindulging in alcohol, takeaways and neglecting sleep which of course resulted in gaining weight which accumulated over the three years. However, it wasn’t until I graduated that I realised just how much I had put on. My physical and mental health was at an all time low which gave me the awakening I needed to turn my life around. 
I found myself a local PT and started weight training for the first time. It took a while but a combination of this style of training, my amazing trainer and learning about nutrition allowed me to start feeling good about myself again. This fuelled my motivation and my love for this lifestyle began - it’s what keeps me going everyday! 
I’ve now been consistently training for over 4 years and I couldn’t love it more. It’s always exciting, there’s always new goals and new motivation to get stronger. I feel healthier, happier and more confident than ever. 
However much we always strive to move forward towards our end goal sometimes life challenges us with hurdles. For me this happened in February this year when I was in a nasty skiing accident which resulted in a triple tibia fracture and ruptured ACL. I was out of action for 3 months unable to walk - it was one of the toughest things I’ve had to overcome mentally. 
How are you finding getting active again since your injury?
 I am currently doing a gym-based physio slowly building up both my strength and confidence. Going from not being able to walk to trusting the knee again is the hardest part. At the moment it’s all about taking it slow but still challenging myself with isolated exercises.  


What have you found most challenging about staying active?
I think the toughest part is balancing your love of training with the rest of your life as it’s so easy to get carried away. For me, it was socialising with friends and family which took its toll. It’s sometimes hard for people who aren’t into training to understand why you dedicate so much time towards it. On the other hand, it’s also hard to differentiate your dedication to your goal with going a little overboard. We’ve got to remember we train because we love it, we work towards the body we want to maintain forever so there’s no need to sacrifice life’s joys. Go have that meal out, go have a few drinks and miss that session ... it’s ok! 
What are your three workout essentials?
Noise cancelling headphones… I don't want anyone to disturb me If I'm in the zone i'm in the zone.
A good water bottle and a podcast, mainly for when doing cardio at the end of my session.
I really love listening to entrepreneurial ones as I’m a huge advocate of self-improvement and self-awareness. 
What songs/ music is on your fitness playlist?
 It varies a lot, I change my playlist all the time. But anything with a good beat, usually any type of R'n'B and hip hop but honestly It could be anything.


 How have you dealt with haters & critics?
I don’t really get negative comments, but If there Is any constructive criticism I always take It on board.
What do you consider workout Heaven?
After a long day at work, there’s nothing better than just getting pumped for the gym. You know you’re going to smash that workout. You have your programme and you’re just ready to lift. 
And workout Hell?
When you show up and you are in the pumped mood, but the gym Is packed and no one has put the equipment away and you have to queue for the machines.
Do you have any tips to stay motivated?
 Don’t think about It just do It. Don't give yourself an option to say no. you will never regret that work out the minute you have done It - trust me. 



How do you think society ‘ideal’ body type has changed?
 Growing up curves weren’t celebrated everyone was after that Victoria secret angel figure which I never aspired towards. I realised from an early age that it wasn’t genetically possibly for my shape and build to achieve a body like that, which at the time was tough but as time has evolved now it’s all about the curves. Just teach yourself to love yourself. The more confident you are the better you’ll feel the more attractive others will perceive you. 
Which of the Two Three Active Collection would you wear and why? 
Cross high waist pink leggingsthe Ice white leggings, and the power crop top in mint look really good for the boobs.
Any tips or advice you could give other women on their fitness journeys?
If you have no Idea where to start and you know you want to change something, then just pick something - trial different variations of training. there are so many different exercise options, that you will find out what works for you. You must be your own Inspiration. Diet and fitness is not a short-term goal, It’s a life long journey. You should find what lights your soul on fire and keeps you empowered.
Having self-love and feeling great about yourself Is the most important thing.
 Be your own cheerleader! 

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  • Very well written piece which had you reading to the end. Live Jess’s determination and commitment. I too was a curvy girl growing up.

  • Such an inspirational story !! Obsessed with Jess and her progress. YOU GO GIRL 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼


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