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Meet Veronica Leea aka @fitleea

What made you start your journey & what were your starting tools?
I started going to the gym when I moved outside Finland to Spain. I have danced all my life and I couldn't find a good dance school so I had to start a new hobby. First year going to the gym I had no clue what I was doing. Slowly I started educating myself and learning what works. 
 What have you found most challenging about staying active?
The most challenging is going to the gym when you have a busy lifestyle and you try to do everything!
 What are your three workout essentials?
My water bottle, mp3 and booty band!
 What songs/ music is on your fitness playlist?
I listen to mostly house and hip hop when I workout. You can find my workout playlists on Spotify!
 How have you dealt with haters & critics?
I have decided to ignore them. If it is a good critique I take notes.
 What do you consider workout Heaven?
An empty gym with an air conditioning and my favorite music on full!
 And workout Hell?
All the machines taken with no air conditioning. 
How do you think society ‘ideal’ body type has changed?
There are more social media influencers that promote a different kind of body type and women are starting to accept their own bodies. I don't believe the ideal body type has changed but social media is going towards a better direction slowly.
 Which of the Two Three Active Collection would you wear and why?
Because I don't own any active wear this colour!
 Any tips or advice you could give other women on their fitness journeys?
Find a sport that you enjoy doing! There is no point on doing something you hate. Stay active because of your health, to feel good and amazing inside your body. Health and happiness are more important than looks. 

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