First workout of the year with Fitness Fun House

So if you have been playing hide and seek with the gym like me this 2020, you also may be scared to get back on track not because you are lazy and developed a bad habit, but also mentally knowing you may not be a strong as you used to be. It's ok to feel this way, but hunty this cycle is not healthy and need to change. You will be surprised how amazing your muscle memory is and after just taking the plunge you will realise it is not a scary as you thought.

When both Naomie and I were invited to the hustle and heels fitness funhouse Bootcamp class on Saturday 1st February, not only to part take but to also supply the session with our non-slip resistance bands, I automatically agreed without hesitation.

It is not until after is sank in what I signed up for, I automatically got nervous, and allowed all the negative thoughts kick in… ‘ what if I am not fit enough’ what if I'm the biggest person in the room’, 'what if I can’t keep up'. Again all these thoughts arose as it is fair to say I have not kept up a consistent routine over the past 6 months, and having a hypothyroid , you can become very complacent within not working out and eating freely.

But as I am the type of person who doesn’t like to cancel on any commitments, plus it was another amazing opportunity to meet new friends and fellow Fit Girls. I pulled up my Two Three Active squat proof leggings threw on my hoody and geared myself up to smash my first workout of the year.

Upon arrival, the lights were dimmed with LED strip lights illuminating the room and DJ Kelly Daniel set the mood with amazing party tunes, let just say I started to forget that was an actually in a Bootcamp class. Nadine hosted such an amazing boxercise routine and gurrrrl I can honestly say I am still feeling that good workout after burn.

The class was such great fun and all the ladies who attended were amazing, I loved the atmosphere as everyone within that class came with the same energy and mindset, to get fit and have a great time doing so. This defiantly eased my anxiety to getting back into working out, in fact, it only motivated me and reminded me that I have missed that after burn sensation. Yes weird I know 😊

I had such a great time that I cannot wait to attend the next fitness funhouse event. Thanks once again to Jen and Jay from HHLUK for housing such an amazing event.


If you would like to check out Hustle & Heels future events check out their events page 

Wishing you all the best girls!

Setfanie xx



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