Fake Away- Vapianos inspired Gamberetti E Spinach Pasta

It has been announced that one of my fave food chains Vapianos, a German restaurant chain that provides the freshes Italian cuisine ( i know Germany is not Italian lol)  has gone into administration due to the current climate.

Vapiano is one of my fave inexpensive, chilled night out with the girls, restaurant with an amazing experience, where the chef cooks the dish in front of you, and it breaks my heart knowing that I may never experience their amazing dishes again. Let's pour one for the homies.

So to get the most of this quarantine and to pay homage to the restaurant, this week I try my hand at recreating one of my fave dishes Gamberetti E Spinach. Usually, the dish is made with shrimp, but I always substitute it with Chicken.

Having visited the restaurant for many years, I have memorised the ingredients that make up this amazing dish. Now you can still use prawn if you wish, but either way, it still tastes great, see the below for the recipe and instructions.

Firstly I put my pasta to cook whilst I prep my meat, as it will be ready to add to my dish once my meat has finished cooking.

After putting my pasta to boil I wash my meat then cut into small chunks then add it to my pan filled with olive oil and let it cook.

Once the chicken is cooked I add chopped onion, garlic, salt and pepper for flavour, and once the onions have become soft I add the double cream, chilli flakes and a pesto sauce. It is best to use a plain pesto sauce as you don't want to add to many different flavours.

Whilst my cream and chicken simmer, I drain the pasta then add to the sauce.

At this point you can add sliced cherry tomatoes and Spanish but as I must watch my Iodine intake due to my hypothyroidism and I'm not a fan of tomatoes I do not add these.

Stir the pasta into the chicken, cream and pesto until nicely combined then serve, you can add basil to garnish, but I used a pesto and basil sauce.

In total, this dish can take 15-20 min to cook with a prep time of 5min. It is great for parties or even a romantic dinner date.





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