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How have you been feeling lately? As the end of summer nears and lockdown slowly lifts, the new way of life as we know it can bring upon many mixed emotions. I have listed a few things below that I have personally been trying out during these past few months and other interesting things I have discovered. Do yourself a favour and keep your spirits lifted during this time, have a read through and click through to the pages for more information. 


Rochelle Gapere is an Attorney, Happiness Coach and Entrepreneur. Her Mission is to add more happiness to this world by empowering others with science-based tools and techniques that can help you to lead happier, more fulfilling lives.


Alexandra Elle is an author & wellness consultant. Her mission is to build community & self-care practices through literature & language. For the past 5 years, Alex has facilitated writing retreats and workshops domestically and internationally. Alex is also passionate about hosting small group and team building workshops that helps cultivate healthy communication & storytelling in and out of the workplace.


Prince Donnell & Dana Chanel are the 26-year-old CEO's of 4 multi-million dollar companies from Sprinkle Of Jesus, Jumping Jack Taxes, Alakazam Apps and Curl Bible. On this podcast you will hear stories and strategies of how we were able to build a strong family business, the successes and failures, digital marketing strategies, relationship advice for couples in business, and a ton of other million dollar life lessons we've learned from our father/mentor and others the last six years.
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Explore your inner artist and relieve your stress over unlimited glasses of bubbly with PaintMate. They will be hosting an end of summer social event this September. If you're not quite comfortable going out just yet, you can also hire PaintMate for your very own private party!
You Got It Girl Collective brings women of different industries together to network, socialize, and empower one another. We are A collective of BAME women from working class backgrounds who have come together as a collective to inspire a generation. To show that there are no limits to what you can achieve. We are focused on financial, mental and physical empowerment.
However you're feeling at this moment, you are not alone. Feel free to get in touch with me if you fancy a chat or comment your experiences below if you feel like sharing with others.  
Naomie xx

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