Basic Betty....

 and the Christmas tale..

The days were ticking down until Betty had her work Christmas party; Betty felt sadder than ever as she knew this will be the only time she would get a chance to talk to the new hot guy in accounts.
Every day betty wore the same black trousers with a plain black baggy top, and would blend in with the office furniture; until that one day Hottie Maccountant held the lift door open for her.
She cherished the 2 min silence they held, and when he got off on his floor he smiled at her and said 'have a nice day'. From there she knew no more will she be that basic bitch, and she must own this Christmas do.
All day she browsed the internet but there was not one outfit that she knew would turn her into Betty the outfit slayer. Feeling restless and out of hope Betty stumbled upon a TWO THREE flyer she grabbed of one of the mean girls at work's desk, so she went to the site and her eyes lit up with sheer delight.
A few days later she paced her hallways and guarded the door waiting until the postman arrived, with her TWO THREE package then suddenly she heard the magical chimes "Ding Dong".
She jumped at the postman hugged him, slammed the door and ran to her room.
The night of the party came and Betty got the whole 'shebang' done (wax, nails and hair did); as she walked into the party in her White Naomi Waterfall coat, she shook in fear that people will laugh at her and she would become the next Carrie...
5min passed and Betty sat down yet to take of her  White Naomi Waterfall coat, until she saw Hottie Maccountant by the bar. She took a deep breath took of her coat showed off her India Velvet Cami Dress and walked over.
Pretending to appear she just came off the dance floor she landed next to Hottie Maccountant and flagged down the bar tender, 'double G&T thanks’.
Hottie Macccountant turned; his eyes widen and he smilled at her then shouted to the bar tender, 'Make that two'.
Betty laughed at his jokes, and he laughed at hers, they spent the rest of the night together and well let’s just say Betty Slayed the Christmas do.
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