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What’s your star sign?

What made you start your journey & what were your starting tools? 

Receiving a letter from the GP warning of the results of my blood tests and offering basic help with nutrition. That, and seeing what’s happening to the health of my friends and colleagues, made me realise that unless I learn to make the time for looking after my health, I will end up with a whole bunch of lifestyle diseases we read about in the press. Sounds like an anecdote, but at the time I literally put my M&S white chocolate cookie aside and signed up for a PT course. I figured studying for a qualification will help me get myself into the gym. And it did! Little did I know that I will find my passion through this, leave my 20+ years career in manufacturing production and coordination, and start my own business helping other women to become fitter and stronger.


What have you found most challenging about staying active?

The ironic thing as a personal trainer is that you’re way too busy training clients to train yourself! That’s why I’ve moved from trying to train everything to being more focused on weightlifting, handstands and the Concept 2 Ergs.

What are your three workout essentials?

Barbell, Metcons, Yangawater


What songs/ music is on your fitness playlist?

For the classes I teach I use the workout music, usually going for the recognisable tunes - anything from the old school nineties to modern hits, people really enjoy moving to music! In my own training - whatever is on the playlist of the gym, to help focus on the big lifts I prefer no music, sometimes I wear headphones just to block the gym muzak out. When rowing I like to catch up with podcasts.


Where was the last place you travelled & how was your trip?

Hong Kong and Shenzhen, both were superb! HK for food, Shenzhen for the experience of training with Chinese athletes.



What do you consider workout Heaven & workout Hell?

Workout Heaven - weightlifting training camp, preferably by the sea with buffets for food! Workout Hell - a high impact workout designed for sweat purposes in a packed night club, with music I don't like.


Favourite cheat meal?

I don't do cheat meals, I enjoy tasty healthy foods both at home and when going out. My favourite food is a good dim sum selection, which isn't really a cheat meal as it is quite healthy.


Do you have any tips to stay motivated?

Be honest with yourself and start looking after your health, no one else can train instead of for you, eat well, learn to de-stress for you. Any little change you are making, any progress is better than staying in the same place waiting for miracles to happen.



Which of the Two Three Active Collection would you wear and why?

Cargo Leggings - need the high waist for those ATG squats plus love pockets in the Muscle Oversized Sleeveless Hoodie to help warm up, and the Control Racerback Bra for that extra support!


Any tips or advice you could give other women on their fitness journeys? 

Find an opportunity - learn to lift, it will change your life.


Any projects your working on at the moment or where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I’m working on a few projects, an online coaching system and a passion project of mine - helping over 50’s stay active and healthy.


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