5 Moves you can do anywhere

It’s officially the summer holidays, and you have booked the perfect summer vacay.
You’ve worked hard to burn those extra muffin tops and now you can't wait to walk around in your bikini love island style.
Whilst away you think eff the diet and eff the gym wrong.....
As much as I love not to think about what passes my mouth whilst on vacay there is nothing worse thinking about the WWE smack down fight my brain will be having with my body telling me to find my arse in the gym when i get back home… and whilst working out I’m moaning to myself “why did I eat that kebab after a night out” 😫
So here are some simple moves you can do anywhere so when you do get back home it won’t be that much of a battle to get back into your fitness routine.


This amazing move has so many benefits and uses a lot of muscles you don't even realise. Try this 5 min below challenge, that can easily be done right before bed.


Squats are the go to move for every girl that wants to a 'bubble' booty, but did you know there are other hidden benefits....  Check out the different squat variations you can try today.

Push Ups

It has a large number of variations and focuses on strengthening the upper body and core along with the triceps.This move is great for that annoying armpit fat.


This is the perfect move to combat 'bingo wings', if you don't have a chair the edge of the bed will do just fine.


You ditched the carbs before your holiday, just to have the perfects abs for your bikini. Well these moves will help you keep those muscles tight all holiday long.

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