5 Meat free dishes to try now

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 I have grown up in a semi religious family and every good Friday we follow the tradition of going meat free. Although i have been doing meat free Mondays since the beginning of the year cause, as I do not eat enough (if any at all) fish dishes and i miss out on some of the amazing nutritional benfits fish has to offer.
There are so many important benefits of having a meat free day such as
  • it reduces risk of heart diseases and strokes
  • reduces high levels of cholesteroal 
  • reduces the risk of obesity 
  • helps protect against cancer
  • reduces calories
So this good Friday whether you are going meat free or not, here are some amazing meat free dishes to try.

Creamy Mushroom and Spinach Orzo

Recipe from recipetineats.com

This dish can be cooked all in one pot and only takes 30min to prep and cook. 

Honey Mustard Salmon

Recipe from gimmesomeoven.com

If you are looking for a new way to bake you salmon try this full of flavour leave your taste buds wanting more recipe 

Fish Tacos

Recipe from aheadofthyme.com

Perfect alternative if you have a craving for Mexican food

Ratatouille Spaghetti (vegan and gluten Free)

recipe from wallflowerkitchen.com

Crush your carb craving with this amazing spaghetti dish, and only takes 22mins

Vegan Moussaka 

recipe from elavegan.com

This popular Greek dish can be easily made without meat and still tastes amazing.


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